incl. I’ve never seen anyone use the glove idea, but I have seen someone use body paint, and it actually looked REALLY good. That might rub off easilly, though if you use body paint, I would probably only do it on your hand and just wear the coat the entire time, or skip the coat altogether and paint your entire arm (that might be a cheaper option for you).For Winry, I bet you could pretty easilly make her costume out of street clothing you find in stores. If you want to do her jumpsuit outfit, all you’d need would be to find a grey jumpsuit, a black tubetop, and a red cheap jerseys bandana. Oh, and a wrench of course (I’d make the wrench out of foam or something they probably wouldn’t let you bring a real wrench because it’d be considered a ‘weapon’. Depending on the con check their costume rules). If you went as her movie outfit, or in her dress, you’d probably be able to find pieces for it even easier.